Vinyl Logo & Text Information

Note: Vinyl colors shown above are approximate. Colors viewed are dependent upon type of monitor and monitor settings and will not match exactly.

General set-up fees text and logo reproduction

  • Artwork that requires touch-up will incur art charge at $70.00 per hour
  • Most of our product prices include the following fees:
    • One color text titles & phrase set-up $24.00 / header
    • One time logo set-up charge $35.00
Note: Failing to follow these guidelines will result in a delay of shipping and/or will incur additional charges.

Text Titles & Phrases

Please fax the following to 401-247-0392 or
Include in the "Special Notes" section of our order form.
  • Your text title or phrase (Less text means larger fonts.)
  • Standard font (i.e. Helvetica, Arial, Times) If no font type is specified, Times is used.
  • Specify if you would like to use Upper or Lower case letters
  • Horizontal positioning on graphic area (i.e. centered, left or right)
  • Vertical positioning on graphic area (i.e. 1" up from the bottom to the baseline of the text)
  • Specify stock vinyl text color
  • For non standard fonts please follow the guidelines below

Logo Artwork

  • We can only accept Microsoft Windows® formatted documents
  • We support only Adobe Illustrator® and CorelDraw® 9.0 or previous) for vinyl work
  • Files should be in vector format only
  • All fonts must be included (screen and printer fonts) unless all type is converted to paths (outlines)
  • All vector and EPS files must be included
  • Note: 72dpi images such as gif, jpg, jpeg and bmp that are designed for web pages are generally not adequate for reproduction. Sometimes these files can be used, but time used to touch-up or reproduce files is billed at $70/hr.

Files can be sent by the following means:

  • CD-R/RW
  • E-mail (5M maximum, send to the attention of your customer service representative)
  • ****Delivery lead time starts AFTER artwork has been approved****
    Please Send Disks To:

    81 Commerce Drive
    Fall River, MA 02720

    *** Please make sure to write your order number (OE) on the envelope as well as the disks***
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