How to Assemble Your
Wave Stands with Posters & Pockets

Easy to do, but takes several minutes to construct. An assistant is also recommended.
display set-up

You will need:

Phillips Head screwdriver
Flat Head screwdriver
Water level
Measuring tape

*All hardware is included.

Assembly Tips:

  • When tightening side extrusions to base, remember to keep the extrusion flush to the groove of the base. The extrusion tends to "rock" in the base groove, which if tightened this way, your display will not be perpendicular.

  • When measuring space for your poster and accessories, please remember to include the poster bars in your estimations.

  • The plastic lenses feature "bump-outs" to help guide your lenses down the grooves of the side extrusions.

  • If you are having difficulty inserting the pockets, loosen one of the side extrusions, and slide it slightly out the base to grant you more room.

  • Once you've attached your compartments, use a water leveler to ensure they are level.
display set-up
display set-up
display set-up

Step 1

Remove end cap from base. Slide (1) side support into base and secure it in place with a screwdriver. Replace end cap.

Step 2

Measure the desired height for each compartment. (Please remember to leave enough room for your poster.) Attach and secure each bracket onto both side supports, using a Phillips Head screwdriver and the provided Allen key.

Step 3

Measure and attach lower poster connectors to both extrusions. Slide the bar onto the connector.

display set-up
display set-up
display set-up

Step 4

Slide the second side support into the base and secure it in place with a screwdriver. (Please remember to connect the poster bar as well.) Replace end cap.


Step 5

Insert poster and lenses (at the same time) into the grooved channels. Make sure the bottom portion of the poster slides into the bottom bar.

Step 6

Connect second poster bar to the top of your display. Insert end caps.

display set-up
display set-up display set-up

Step 7

Insert each acrylic pocket into the brackets. Make sure your pocket is lying flush against the bracket to ensure a secure connection.

Step 8

Secure your accessories in place by tightening the plastic set screws.

Step 9

Your shelving unit is now set up and ready for accessories!

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