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Metal Rack for Magazines is Sturdy and Stylish

metal magazine stand

Looking for a durable display for reading material? The metal magazine stand is ideal for showcasing reading materials in high traffic areas. The fixture is available in a variety of designs and layouts to meet any need. These many different racks can feature options such as brochure holders, pockets for large books, custom signage areas, a bulletin board and a folding construction. The metal magazine stand, or steel literature holder, also features a stylish design to attractively showcase merchandise. Any sales floor will benefit from a modern-looking publication fixture. While it looks appealing, the brochure holder also has a professional appearance. The silver or black metallic sheen gives the impression of high quality that customers trust. A rack will not only complement any décor, it will increase sales by building the perception of professionalism. While the aluminum and acrylic frame is sleek, the metal magazine stand’s neutral coloring allows it to be placed into a variety of venues.

Where can the steel literature holder commonly be found?
  • A metal magazine stand is great for retail sales floors with its ability to hold a large quantity of reading materials. Its sturdy display can withstand foot traffic and it has a stable base to keep it from tipping and falling. The aluminum and steel literature holder can fit large books and catalogs and has deep pockets to keep a large quantity in stock. Many models of the magazine stand have pockets on two sides or more to accommodate different directions of traffic.
  • The acrylic and steel literature holder is also great for waiting rooms. The frame allows visitors to see and freely access the contents while keeping different publications organized. The metal magazine rack can be a tabloid, book or brochure holder, and can dispense reading materials for informational or entertainment purposes. This is an excellent alternative to keeping literature on a table where it can easily become messy and worn. Some frames have an area for custom graphics that can be used for a business logo, branding information or other messaging. Others have bulletin boards for important notices and messaging.
  • Businesses and organizations with customer service staff will benefit from the acrylic and steel fixture. Banks, insurance offices, travel agencies and other outlets can easily dispense information with a metal magazine rack. The open faced shelves allow visitors to clearly see and access literature. Again, the models with a frame for custom artwork can benefit any outlet seeking to increase brand awareness or inform customers.

Acrylic and/or steel stands can showcase many types of merchandise in a variety of settings. The design of the sales floor stand allows passersby to easily see reading materials on display and generates impulse purchases. A few models are designed with trade show use in mind as they have a folding construction and include a carrying case. This type of eye catching stand will attract attention to anything from periodicals to sales and marketing materials.

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