Return Policy

Special Note: Customers should NOT RETURN damaged or defective products or mis-shipment by Magazine Rack Shop or our Carriers, as this policy does not apply. Please call customer service at 1-800-572-2194 for resolution.

Return Procedure

Please review the Return Policy above before completing these steps.

Standard Package Shipments (UPS/FedEx delivery):

Freight/Pallet Shipments (including display cases):

Please allow 15 days from the date we receive the return for inspection and credit where due.

Why is there a 20% restocking fee?

First and foremost, our products are not easy retail style returns, where any box can be utilized to repack a return. When a product is returned there are many labor efforts involved in the processing of a return.

Our products have customized pack-outs designed to be fully protected so they do not run the risk of damage during shipment. During transit through the FED EX or UPS system, any original box is marked up and not suitable for use in repacking a good return for re-sale.

The 20% restocking fee is a POP industry standard for a reason. It is very labor intensive to open up returns and fully inspect to verify the product is in resalable condition. We don't charge customers a restocking fee to make money. We charge for the labor and materials associated with all of the handling, inspection, repacking and restocking associated with receiving a return in its original resalable condition and getting it back to our warehouse shelves.

What would we expect to see with a return?

A good faith effort by our customers to carefully repack the display(s) in the original packaging with extra special emphasis on inside-the-box, surrounding the entire display, protective stuffing. There are always customers who will take shortcuts, use cheap packaging, and return the displays with no protective stuffing surrounding the items. These are problem returns.

Original Box
Original Packaging
Include Return Form & Packing Slip

Is there a risk that you wouldn't credit me for the product I'm returning?

Yes, if the product comes back and is not in its original, resalable condition the product will not be credited. In these cases, it's usually very evident that a customer didn't put any effort into repackaging the product for the shipment back to us. In such an instance, the product typically arrives back broken and in no condition for reuse.

Please take the time to protect your display return all around the inside of the box (with crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap).

Examples of Unacceptable Returns

Example of No Protection Acrylic product with no inside protection. Corners of the display are cracked.
Damaged Box The product arrived sticking out of the box because of no inside protection. Display is scratched and dented.
Example of Poor Taping Job No inside protection and very poor taping job. Box is torn open and display is damaged.

We always recommend insuring your return shipment for your protection!

REMINDER: No Custom Returns & No Artwork Returns